The Art of Multiple Reading

The Art of Multiple Reading

On most days, I find myself reading up to four (4) books at a time. Yes 4! Two e-Books on my phone, one physical book when I am commuting (always in my bag) and one bed side book. I love to read and I try to find space and time to read wherever and whenever. I really can’t help it.

People often ask “don’t you get confused?” or “don’t you forget the story?”

“No, I don’t get confused or forget the story”

Quite honestly, I find multiple reading very exciting. A skill that has helped me through the studying list at the University and my 8-5 job.

Here are some benefits of multiple reading:

  1. Multiple Reading can help you finish your to-read list faster: I usually start the year with a carry-over to reading list from the previous year and the only I can finish reading is to multiple read. Multiple reading can help you read the books you want to read while studying in school-it becomes the much needed break you take from the continuous studying. Multiple reading can also help you finish your reading list in time if you have an 8-5 job.

2.Multiple Reading helps you switch up emotions: When I am having a really tough day at work, I always want something funny and short to read. There are days I want to read something on sensitive topics such as sexuality, religion, racism, stereotypes among others. These are days I want to think hard and find diverse opinions on such topics. So try this, if you really want to switch up your mood then read a book according to what you feel.

3.Multiple Reading helps you enjoy reading on several mediums: e-Books, Physical books and audio books at the same time-this what multiple reading does to a reader. You get to appreciate all the forms of reading instead of taking sides. So here is an idea: read an e-book when commuting, a physical book at home and listen to audio book while driving.

4.Multiple Reading helps you explore different genres of books at the same time: If I am multiple reading then each genre of book should be different- romance, memoir, inspirational and African Writer at the same time. This helps me balance the genres and authors I want to explore before the year runs out.

Multiple Reading doesn’t work for all readers. Stick to what works for you.

Abena Maryan

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