Soul of a Citizen: Living with Conviction in Challenging Times

Soul of a Citizen awakens within us the desire and the ability to make our voices heard and our actions count. We can lead lives worthy of our convictions.

A book of inspiration and integrity, Soul of a Citizen is an antidote to the twin scourges of modern life–powerlessness and cynicism. In his evocative style, Paul Loeb tells moving stories of ordinary Americans who have found unexpected fulfillment in social involvement. Through their example and Loeb’s own wise and powerful lessons, we are compelled to move from passivity to participation. The reward of our action, we learn, is nothing less than a sense of connection and purpose not found in a purely personal life.

Soul of a Citizen has become the handbook for budding social activists, veteran organizers, and anybody who wants to make a change―big or small―in the world around them. At this critical historical time, Paul Loeb’s completely revised edition―and inspiring message―is more urgently important than ever.

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Paul Rogat Loeb

Paul Rogat Loeb

Paul Rogat Loeb has spent thirty-five years researching and writing about citizen responsibility and empowerment. Paul lectures widely at colleges and conferences and is the author of five widely praised books.


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