Ghanaian Bookstagrammers to follow

Ghanaian Bookstagramers

Do you love seeing Ghanaian bookworms on Instagram? Do you also love finding your next read on Instagram? To make sure you follow Ghanaian bookworms on Instagram, we compiled a list of Bookstagrammers representing the country and the continent. Ghanaian bookstagrammers aesthetics ranges from a simple, clean shot of the book alone on a table all the way to complex arrangements that look like they took a day and a studio to set up. Read, Like and Comment on these content creators on Instagram.

The Ghanaian Bookworm / @theghanaianbookworm

A quick look on this page will tell you that this bookworm reads books from diverse backgrounds. Both foreign and African books. She shares her yearly reading target as well as her Book of the Month (BOTM) with her followers.

I am Readiculous / @iamreadiculous

Miranda’s Instagram page is a true reflection of her love for reading African Literature and Historical Fiction. She works in Advertising as a copywriter and social media manager. She likes to share the books she’s reading, her bookshelf and her book stack with her followers. She also loves writing for children.

Novels before Night / @novels_before_night

Bhurbx is a midwife, book aficanado and art critic. She likes to believe she’s suffering from bibliomania but is disciplined enough not to allow it to affect her social relations nor health. She has a ravening appetite for reading at night – and it just shows on her Instagram page.  A quick look at her page will inform you that she has a thing for reading and showing Ghanaian Writers to the world.

Nana Kyi the words smith / @nanakyithewordsmith

Nana Kyi has a thing for beautifully crafted words. He loves to read, review and recommend books. In addition he is a content creator, proofreader, and a writer (offering services such as ghostwriting & editing)

Bookworm In Ghana / @bookwormingh

Abena is a wife, a mother, a book addict and a writer. She is also a PhD candidate in African Studies. A quick look at Abena’s page will let you experience her life in her bookish world. She also has a Youtube channel where she talks about books. She is a member of the Mums United Book Club

African Book Addict / @africanbookaddict

Darkowaa is a renowned book blogger. She uses her Instagram page to champion the “ReadGhanaian Book Challenge”

Bookworm Man / @bookworm_man

Kobby has an Instagram page you can stare at for days. He likes to take off his clothes and talk books. His page focuses more on ethnic reads and translated fiction. Kobby loves to cook. He talks about cooking and food occasionally.

Abena Maryan / @bookish.abena

Abena is a book blogger and a Bibliophile. Her favourite genre is African Fiction and Memoirs. Her page is a true reflection of herself as she makes it a point to share what she is reading, review some books, share photos of her book shelf /stack. She loves touring Ghana, writing short stories and poems. Her Instagram page has a wide collection of foreign and local books from different genres and diverse backgrounds.

The Readersgh / @akosua_readsgh

Akosua popularly called “Captain Akosua” loves a good book – particularly African books. Her Instagram page shows that she loves to read anywhere, anytime and anything.  Her reading goal for the year 2020 is to read 100 books. Yes! 100 BOOKS!

Nasiba Mbabe / @nnnasiba

Nasiba is sucker for African Literature. She’s our favourite local girl and loves travelling. She is critical about what she reads because wants to understand the society better and derive perspectives from what she reads. She wants to be a teacher, a poet, a writer and a comic.

Benedicta Mawuena Dzandu / @dz_bene

Benedicta has a growing bookstagram page. She loves to create visually appealing post through Instagram to inspire others into the magical world of literature. She loves to read different genres and backgrounds.

Ghbookjunkie / @ghbookjunkie

Suad Yakubu transformed her personal Instagram page to a Bookstgram page this year in order to connect with people of similar interest and learn from them. She has a passion for African Literature (fictional, non-fictional, romance, comic, memoir, autobiography).

Spider Kids Reads / @spiderkidsreads

Owned by writer and poet Akotowaa, Spider Kids Reads focuses on a wide range of books but mostly African. Akotowaa makes it a point to share her yearly reads as well as review books on her Instagram page.

Bookpress / @bookpress

She is an African scentsation and a Book Addict. She loves a good books and a good perfume hence the name “Perfume and Prose”. She matches the books she reads with her favourite perfume…it’s a wonderful sight. She doesn’t only talk about the books, she talks about the perfume as well.

Tryphena Yeboah / tryphenayeboah

Known for a poems on Intsgram, Tryhena doubles as a Bookstagrammer – sharing photos of she’s read. It’s a 2 for 1 affair as most for her followers don’t get only Tryhena the poet but Tryphena the reader as well. Her page is constantly spewing with words and books.

Yaa Asafo / @yaasafo

Yaa is a Ghanaian Lifestyle blogger that love to read African literature and Historical fiction centered on the Middle East. Yaa loves to travel. She usually has a cup of coffee in one hand and a book in another hand. Her page is a beautiful combination of books and coffee.

What Amoafoa Read / @whatamoafoaread

Amoafoa is a storytelling book hoarder. She is a book blogger and booktuber. Her page book photos for both paperbacks and eBooks of diverse backgrounds. She also reviews books and recommend books on her Instagram page

Awo Twumwa / @awotumwa

Thelma M’afua Awo Twumwaah Acheampong is a writer turning reader and bookstagrammer. She loves to read all genres of creative work. A glance at her Instagram page shows that she reads a lot of fiction, poetry, non-fiction and her bible. She’s not bound to an author’s nationality however she prefers to read books written by African authors especially Ghanaians authors

By Abena Maryann

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