Book Review: The Spider King’s Daughter

Book Review

The Spider King’s Daughter is a beautiful and intriguing story written by author Chibundu Onuzo about the love of billionaire Olumade Johnson’s only daughter and a Lagos street hawker “Runner G”

As the love grows intense, the hawker discovers that Olumade Johnson is responsible for his father’s death and swore to avenge the deeds of the man. The story starts with two young people falling in love – it’s all breeze and cheer (love is beautiful) and just as you begin to get used to “young love”, Chibundu Onozo hits you with the plot twist.

Within four (4) working days, I had finished reading and thought to myself “This writer is damn good”. The story is narrated from the thoughts of the main characters, Abike Johnson and the Hawker.

As a writer, I find it easier to writer from a personal point of view or the third point of view but Chibundu Onuzo did a beautiful job of stating the thoughts of the characters while beautifully unveiling all the woven secrets. A simple love story metamorphosed into a complex plot of intertwining histories. In as much as the thoughts of the main characters were loud and clear, I would have loved to hear more about Olumade Johnson’s sons, the hawker’s mother and Mr. T – I felt their stories were truncated.

The sentences were short and simple.

The events were very relatable

The suspense and intensity of events kept me glued to the pages of the book – such a sweet page turner.

This book totally diffed the odds and allowed readers to live in the thoughts of the various charters.

Want to know how the Lagos rich and glamorous people live their lives?

Want to know how the daughter of Mr. Johnson fell in love of “The Hawker”?

Then this is the ideal book for you.

Abena Maryan

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