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Ghanaian Bookstagrammers to follow

Do you love seeing Ghanaian bookworms on Instagram? Do you also love finding your next read on Instagram? To make sure you follow Ghanaian bookworms on Instagram, we compiled a list of Bookstagrammers representing the country and the continent.

Booktique Ghana interviews author of Same Elephants

The cover of the book is a statement. The color yellow signifies healing, abundance, self confidence, empowerment, happiness and positivity. Alternatively, the color could signify deceit or cowardice. The women on the cover symbolize the diverse characters in the book.

Favourite African Romance Novels – Reader’s Pick

In a quest to find out what love means to my customers and their favourite African stories in the month of love, I designed a questionnaire that will help me put together our reader’s favourite picks. Here are the answers