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Booktique Ghana interviews author of “My Mind is no Longer Here” (1)

For my writing process, I usually start by building the story in my mind, end to end. I need to be convinced I have a story in my mind before I start to write. This can take any time from a few weeks to months.

Favourite African Romance Novels – Reader’s Pick

In a quest to find out what love means to my customers and their favourite African stories in the month of love, I designed a questionnaire that will help me put together our reader’s favourite picks. Here are the answers

Tips on how to keep your books in “Great” condition

I get sad books when I see books with torn covers, yellow pages and dog eared pages. In a recent discussion with a friend who works in a library, he stated that the maintenance culture of Ghanaians is poor and totally non-existence. In less than 6 months of the establishment of the library, about half of the book pages are dog eared and a few have been left in worse condition. I guess this discussion inspired this blog post.